Philosophy of Services

ThinkSport provides a variety of Sport Psychology and Mental Training
services, dedicated to individuals of all ages, varying abilities and in
different performance settings.

ThinkSport's main goal is to assist individuals in becoming aware of the
cyclical nature of how thoughts impact performance and how
performance impacts thoughts.  Awareness of the connection between
one's thoughts and actions is a critical first step in taking control over
your own performance and staying on track.

Instead of viewing performance outcomes in terms of "winning" or
"losing", as "good" or "bad", or as a "success" or "failure", ThinkSport
encourages individuals to use every performance situation as a learning
Performance Assessment and
Enhancement Services

Mental Training:

1.  Assessment of current mental strengths and weaknesses.
2.  Maximizing purposeful work during practice and training sessions.
3.  Developing daily routines inside and outside of the athletic arena.
4.  Learning how to deal with pressure, failure, adversity, and slumps.
5.  Understanding how to analyze, interpret, and apply lessons learned    
      from game related success and failure.

Life-Skills Training:

1.  Transition from one level of sport/competition to another.
2.  Relationship between off and on the field problems.
3.  Coach/Athlete/Parent situations.
4.  Refinement of self-regulation skills and adaptive coping behaviors
5.  Transition out of sport.

Performance Profiling:

Pencil & Paper Measures assessing the areas of:
1.  Personality Traits
2.  Attentional & Interpersonal Styles
3.  Learning Styles
4.  Motivational Tendencies
Consulting Services
Dr. Doug Gardner