Dr. Gardner's Background and Experience

Dr. Doug Gardner is the founder of ThinkSport Consulting Services, an       
Applied Sport Psychology Consulting Firm with locations in Southern      
and Northern California.  

ThinkSport provides educational workshops and individual mental training
services for athletes, coaches, teams and high-level performers in           
non-sport activities.

Dr. Doug Gardner is a specialist in the areas related to athletic
development, performance enhancement and athletic transition.  

In his private practice, Dr. Gardner consults with elite-level performers in a
variety of professional and amateur sports, in addition to sport
organizations and businesses outside of the sporting realm.  

Dr. Gardner spent six years working as the Sport Psychology Consultant for
the Boston Red Sox (1998-2003).  In addition to his continuing work in
professional baseball, Dr. Gardner has consulted with the Green Bay
Packers and completed internships with the Cleveland Indians and at  Penn
State University.

Currently, Dr. Gardner provides Sport Psychology Services for the following
teams/programs in the Bay Area:

Cal Berkeley Softball                                             The Pitching Center
Campolindo High School Baseball                      EJ Sports      
Acalanes High School Football                            Nor Cal Baseball
Golden Era Baseball                                             Gamespeed   

Dr. Gardner received his Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) from Boston
University in 1998 and is  a recognized Certified Consultant  (CC #143)
through the Association for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology
(AAASP).  Dr. Gardner is also a member of the United States Olympic
Committee’s Sport Psychology Registry.

Currently, Dr. Gardner, his wife Samantha and their two children reside      
in Lafayette, California.  
Consulting Services
Dr. Doug Gardner