What is Sport Psychology?

The term "Sport Psychology"  means different things to different people.  

ThinkSport, we challenge the conventional wisdom of Applied Sport
Psychology by blending knowledge and experience from the fields of
Education, Developmental Psychology, and the Sport Sciences into a holistic
approach to individual and athletic development.

The concept of thinking is the cornerstone to ThinkSport's approach.  The
goal of this website is to begin this process.  Please read through the
material provided and decide for yourself how much of your sport is mental.
What is ThinkSport?

ThinkSport believes in the untapped potential of human beings.

ThinkSport believes that every physical action has a related mental

ThinkSport’s mission is to further the connection between what one    
thinks and what one does.

ThinkSport provides a philosophical, theoretical, and practical foundation
for self-discovery and growth.

ThinkSport’s holistic approach is committed to the betterment of the
individual, not just the performer.

ThinkSport knows that sport is a microcosm of society and uses this      
fact as a teaching tool.

ThinkSport believes that the educational opportunities within sport           
are endless.

ThinkSport emphasizes personal integrity, self-motivation, individual
responsibility and accountability.

ThinkSport analyzes individual motivation and challenges pre-conceived
notions towards definitions of success.

ThinkSport challenges static learning environments, identifies individual
learning styles, and assists in enhancing teacher/learner interactions.

ThinkSport believes there is no one way to do things.
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